Links to Forums - imho, the best large scale forum on the Internet!! Has the most traffic by far, with the friendliest and most helpful members. Lots of good-natured fun.

Links to Organizations

International Society of Large Scale Model Railroaders - the Official Website for the ISLSMR. Still in its infancy, the ISLSMR will work to become the pre-eminent promotional and educational support organization of those who build, operate, and collect Large Scale model railroads and equipment.

Links to Other Large Scale Layouts

NMRA Convention 2000 Layout Tours - a collection of photos from the 15 layouts I toured during the Convention here in San Jose during Jul-Aug 2000. Lots and lots of photos of some outstanding layouts of all scales, plus a view inside the Santa Clara Interlocking Tower.

The Bellaire Depot - Yogi Wallace's web site features lots of construction articles on how to build Large Scale structures. A must-see for the scratchbuilder!

The Burke Mountain & Pitt River - Bob McDiarmid's great little railroad in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada!

The Champlain & St-Laurent Rwy - Yvan-Martin Levesque's bilingual (French/English) site out of Quebec, Canada is for beginners, with a complete photo-journal of how he built his railroad.  He also has lots of cool movies of his railroad that all will enjoy!

Dave Cole's Links Page is a collection of links to train information and places where you can ride trains. Additional links can be found on the National Summer Steamup links page.

David Fletcher's Prototypical Models - If you haven't seen Fletch's work, be sure to check out this page! He's a master of locomotive building, and has even done a Master Class series of articles on myLargescale showing the rest of us how to do it! There's also a large amount of background information on the evolution of the steam locomotive and the purpose and function of all those pipes and gadgets!

The Desert Springs & Rattler's Gap - Tiny Pierce's 1:24 outdoor layout in NW Nevada. Tiny is a real craftsman, and has some of the best-looking bashed Big Haulers I've seen, and a large layout!

Great Northern Pacific Railway - Brandy Bruce-Sharp's 1:29 modern-era outdoor layout features his own Large Scale version of John Allen's famous Timesaver. Brandy is also involved in producing his own line of 1:29 Great Northern Pacific Rolling Stock. Another member of the Arizona Connection.

The Lake Town & Shire Railroad - Donald and Jane Nute's 1:20.3 railroad is based upon the characters and geography in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. From the Long Lake to the Mines of Moria to Hobbiton... it's all here!

The Large Scale Train Page - George Schreyer's Geologically Improbable Railroad in Southern California. See his Large Scale Trains Technical Tips for some of the best and most useful information on the web covering everything from tune ups to sound installation to track, and all things in between.

The Lizard Attitude Railroad - Stephen Podwojski's back yard layout in Gilbert, AZ. Stephen is one of the, if not THE, prime movers behind the ISLSMR. His web site features photos of his layout, its own forum, and its own chat room, as well as an editorial or two on subjects of interest. Another member of the Arizona Connection.

The Lone Pine & Grizzly Flats Railroad - Dean Whipple's outdoor railroad in Southern CA. Lots of great photos and a great web site. Also known as Grandpa & Ryanne's Railroad, Dean enjoys railroading with his granddaughter.

The Redrock Railroad - Rodney Benner's back yard railroad in Phoenix, AZ. Set in the desert during the 1950's, Rodney has created quite an empire. Lots of great photos! Yet another member of the Arizona Connection.

The Prescott Canyon Southern Railroad - Stan Cedarleaf has a somewhat unique take on Garden Railroads. Built in his retirement community, Stan is more interested in entertaining passers-by than in individual train control. Nonetheless, he does great work!

The Suleski Transportation Co. - Scott Suleski's modern-era outdoor railroad in Amesbury Massachusetts. Scott is a diesel lover's diesel lover, and the railroad abounds with them. However, the company does maintain a stramer for railfan excursions and special occasions.

The Sundancer Railroad - Duncan Thompson's modular outdoor Holiday Display in Gilbert, AZ. Duncan is putting the trains back into Christmas for Gilbert residents. A beautiful display, especially after dark! And yet another member of the Arizona Connection (we best keep our eyes on these guys).

The Toenail Ridge Shortline - Phil Creer's outdoor railroad in Australia. This web site is one of my favorites because of The Book of the Toenail Ridge, Phil's wonderfully creative and often incredibly funny ficticious history of the railroad. I laughed 'till I cried!!