The Real Santa Cruz Lumber Co. - con'd

The original four or five 40 ton, all wood flat cars acquired from the San Joaquin & Eastern lasted until the early 40's, when a wreck on a steep spur resulted in the loss of three of them. After that, six logging flats formerly owned by the Yosemite Valley Lumber Co. were brought onto the line. These four-bunk cars, built by Seattle Car & Foundry Co., had steel underframes, but wooden decks and side sills. One of the remaining SJ&E flats had its bunks removed, and was kept to carry logging equipment to and from the woods. An old Southern Pacific tank car is also seen on the line in earlier photos.

Special load for No. 2 with a cat on a flat ahead and loaded log flat behind near the mill pond.
Richard C. Brown photo January 7, 1950

The railroad followed the Pescadero Creek. Mud and slides caused problems during the winter months. The line had many grades and curves, with a maximum grade of 5% from the woods to the mill, and 6% from the mill back to the woods. Several crib bridges were built from logs, and in one place, the roadbed was anchored to the hill above by cables.

A home-made log bridge.
The men sitting atop it give an idea of its height, and the diameter of the
redwood logs used for construction
Company photo - date unknown

Another home-made log bridge one mile south of Shriner's Grove.
Bert Ward photo 1943

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