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Trouble on the
Santa Cruz Lumber Company
April 7, 1933

Apr. 7, 2002

Early Morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Aug. 2, 2001

Logging Operations Feb. 5, 2001

Maintenance Of Way Feb. 4, 2001

Yarder Received Mar. 11, 2001

Here are a couple of movies I made last fall (2000). Due to their size, I recommend right-clicking the link and saving the movie to your local drive instead of trying to stream it.

The first was made with my web cam and laptop, so the image quality isn't the greatest, but it's certainly watchable.

SantaCruzLumber_1.mpg - 1.16 MB

The second was made with a little wireless camera I picked up called the Xcam1. I placed it on a flatcar and towed it behind the train, so it's sort of a "passenger's eye view." There are a couple places where the signal breaks up for a second.

SantaCruzLumber_2.mpg - 5.68 MB